Ride With Maxime Livio! Be a Demo Rider at the USEA Educational Symposium

The USEA Educational Symposium is coming up February 18-21 at Grand Oaks Resort in Weirdsale, Florida. Owners, breeders, riders, trainers, volunteers, event officials, professionals, and amateurs are all invited to attend. The USEA Instructors’ Certification Program (ICP), Future Event Horse (FEH) Program, and Young Event Horse (YEH) Program are joining forces to bring USEA members a week of training and education.

WEG team bronze medalist and four-star winner Maxime Livio will be one of the featured clinicians and Training through Advanced level demo riders are needed for the ICP and YEH portions of the symposium. Don’t miss this opportunity to ride with one of the top eventers in the world!

Anyone interested in attending the ICP Symposium as a demo rider should contact Lauren Gash at LGash@useventing.com.

Click here for everything you need to know about the USEA Educational Symposium.

Area III Young Riders Year-End Update

Hello to all of Area III and especially to the Area III Young Riders:

Cyndi Kurth, Area Chairperson, Kim Keeton, Adult Rider Coordinator, and I, as Area III Young Rider Coordinator, attended the USEA Annual Meeting and Convention held last weekend in New Orleans. I wanted to write this letter because of the many updates that are happening for the coming year.

Before the list of information begins, I want to congratulate Leila Saxe, a member of the 2018 Area III NAYC One-Star Team for being the Area III Top Young Rider for 2018! Getting to know Leila was a joy, and we are so proud of all of her accomplishments. The final 2018 Leaderboard is posted here.

1. Safe Sport: This is a Federal Law that was passed by Congress and must be adhered to by all members of USEF. As of January 1, 2019, every USEF adult member (18 years of age or older) with a Competing Membership must complete USEF's SafeSport Training.

A 30 day grace period to complete the SafeSport training will be provided to all members who renew or join on or after December 1, 2018. Members joining prior to December 1, 2018 will have until January 1, 2019 to complete the training. Those who do not complete the training within the grace period will be ineligible to participate in USEF activities, including competitions. USEF membership is required for riders, owners and trainers of horses competing at the Preliminary level and above.

Parents Training Course for equestrian athletes of all ages helps parents ensure their children have a positive and safe sport experience and is free. The following categories of individuals are required to take the Safe Sport Training and complete a criminal background check:

USEF Board of Directors

USEF Staff

USEF Licensed Officials, US Team Coaches & Technical Advisors

US Team Chefs d’Equipe

US Team Veterinarians

US Team Selectors

Human Physio Therapists

Competition Managers

SafeSport Training for non-USEF members is available for $20.

2. Young Riders Championships: Now the North American Youth Championships. The USEF decided that since Mexico has not sent any riders for Eventing for many years, and last year Canada did not send any teams, the FEI does not consider this an International Championship. Thus, the One-Star Competition has new qualifications.

To Qualify for the NAYC One-Star: Horse and Rider must have 4 Preliminary Horse Trials OR 3 Preliminary Horse Trials and 1 CIC . Each Area will be able to send 4 Team members and two Individuals to this competition. If the venue can handle additional qualified riders, then they may compete, but not as an Area Team member. There will not be any changes for the Two Star Qualifications or competition.

Declaration of Intent to compete in the 2019 NAYC must be completed by March 1, 2019. Even if you have not qualified please declare your intentions to do so! Otherwise, you cannot be considered for either Area Team.

Effective January 1, 2019, there is a new designation for all FEI levels. This USEA article provides background and details. The old NAYC CCI1* becomes a “CCI2*-L” and the old NAYC CICO2* becomes a “CCI3*”. The Land Rover Kentucky CCI4* will now be a CCI5*-L.

3. Clinics: Clinics that are being held in Area III may now be posted on the Area III Website (www.usea3.org). You can find these by going under the Calendar tab, and seeing the clinic list. I will also be sending the contact information out as I received it. Click here for an updated clinic list.

Land Safe Equestrian along with Danny and Keli Warrington have offered Area III Young Riders an opportunity to participate in a Land Safe Clinic. Grant funds have been made available to the Young Riders to assist in the cost of the clinic. Each Clinic can have 20 participants, and the cost of the clinic is $325 per person. The Grant will fund 40 Young Riders at $70 per rider. This Grant will bring the cost per Young Rider to $255. Rider Safety is a serious Issue, and Area III wants to support the safety of the Young Riders: The following clinic dates are available:

Grand Oaks in Ocala, Florida, January 21-22,2019
For registration please contact Keli Warrington at 443-459-4974

Lauren Eckardt’s Farm in Canton, Georgia, March 9-10, 2019
For Registration please contact Lauren at 404-210-0018

4. Young Rider Council: In the past, there has been a Young Rider Representative on the Area Council. The Area Council would like more input from the young riders. So, I am creating a Young Riders Council to support the Area Council Representative. I would like to have a least two members of Area III Young Riders from EACH STATE in Area III to be on the Young Rider Council. I, along with all representatives, will have quarterly conference calls to catch up on thoughts and ideas that the Young Riders have for improving the YR program. I am very excited about implementing this new council, and hope to receive many requests to join this new group. Please send your requests to join to my email: allina970@gmail.com. I would like to have this start by mid-January!

5. Area III Team Selectors: The Area Council has also started a new rotation schedule for the Team Selectors and we hope to bring in new selectors to be introduced into the Team Selection process (click here for application information). Rotating off the selector list this year is Tiffany Loudon-Meetze. Area III wishes to thank Tiffany for her leadership and coaching talents over the last 15 years. Tiffany has helped Area III in developing many Young Riders and horses through the Selection process and as a Summer Camp Coach. Area III wants to make available this same experience to other professionals that are in our area. Please consider this as a stepping stone to becoming the Area III Coach some day.

6. Area III Young Rider Summer Camp: Thank you for your calls and emails about the 2019 Summer Camp. We are just as excited as you are about the summer camp! We are finalizing the new format and will be unveiling it shortly. During the National Convention, many compliments toward our 2018 camp were received. These were much appreciated. During the Young Rider Coordinators meeting, the YRAP (Young Rider Advancement Program) was shown to be a focus on the National Level. Through clinics and summer camps, the up and coming talent of the lower level horses and riders will be developed so that these riders will move into the Under 25 Program some day. We are taking these thoughts and developing a platform that will continue throughout the year with different clinics as well as the summer camp with ICP instructors.

7. Additional Volunteers: USEA policy requires that the Area chair rotate every 3 years and the Area guidelines recommend the Young Rider Coordinator serve for a 3 year period. Because we do not want to reinvent these positions every 3 years, we are looking to bring in new talent to assist the current volunteers and then move into being the Area Chair and Area Young Rider Coordinator, respectively. Both of these positions need to be filled now in order to have a learning period. Please contact Cyndi Kurth (flightcheckfarmck68@gmail.com) if you are interested in either one of these positions. Please know that we wish to expand the sphere of influence, and hope many of you wish to participate with Area III.

As you can see, so much is happening in Area III. Please take the time to consider the clinics in our area, and the learning opportunities that are available to you.

Thank you in advance,

Allina Bell

Area III Young Rider Coordinator

Final 2018 Area III Leaderboard, Ribbons Will Be Mailed

Competitions have concluded for the 2018 calendar year and the points have been tallied for the final High Point Leaderboard. Ribbons for 1st-6th placings will be mailed in early 2019.

Remember these are points accrued at horse trials IN AREA III and may not match points shown on the USEA's national leaderboard. 

Click the link below to view an explanation of leaderboard categories and qualifications.

If you have questions or concerns about the 2018 Leaderboard, please email usea.area3@gmail.com ASAP.

Young Riders - PLEASE NOTE - You are automatically considered an amateur through the year of your 18th birthday. After that, you must declare your status. The declaration is on the USEA membership form and provided below for your information.

USEA Area III Young Riders Currently Accepting Resumes for 2019 Summer Camp Trainer / Team Selector

One of the most important activities within the Area’s Young Rider program is the 5-day Summer Camp usually held each June. Responsibilities of the Summer Camp Trainer Position are:

  • To teach campers at all levels and in all three phases in both private and group lessons.

  • Participate in and/or lead daily unmounted group activities in the evenings or between lesson times.

The process of fielding teams is accomplished by the Area Selector’s observations and rankings at events, clinics and camps. Their rankings are then submitted and teams are identified. If a candidate of either a selector or coach is also a student or client of said selector or coach, the selector or coach is to excuse themselves from this ranking process for this candidate.

This position is for a one year term with 2 one-year renewal periods if agreed to by both parties.

Resumes will be accepted until 1 February 2019.

CLICK HERE for more information about the position and how to submit a resume.

Area III Young Rider Update: Clinic Calendar and 2019 NAYC

I wish to catch every one up on the latest news for the Young Riders of Area III.


I want to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to all that love and support the Area III Young Riders. Many of you do not want your thoughts or actions acknowledged, but please know that they are appreciated. 


The last few weeks have been great in meeting new Area III Young Riders. Everyone wants to know when our next event will be scheduled. So many of you want to know of clinics where you can continue your learning process. My thought is to use the Area III website to send out new information. 

There is a clinic tab on the area’s website: www.usea3.org under the calendar tab.  I would like all Area III clinics to be listed on this tab. The clinician’s name, contact information, price, location, etc. This is always helpful to the one hosting the clinic by bringing in additional riders and auditors. You can send this information to Leslie Threlkeld Bryant and she will update the website with your clinic information. Leslie’s email address is: leslie.a.threlkeld@gmail.com

You can also send it to me, and I will send it out in an email blast to the Young Rider list that I receive from the USEA office. 


For those riders who are interested in trying out for the Area III North American Youth Championship Team, the 2019 competition will be held in Kalispell, Montana once again. This is a very expensive undertaking, and everyone in the Young Rider Program must start fund raising for the Area to be able to send those who are qualified and make it through the selection process to represent Area III. 

The coach for the 2019 Area III Team will be Julie Richards. Julie’s farm is in Newnan, Georgia. There are several additional selectors which include Leslie Law, Hilda Donahue and Tiffany Loudon Meetze. These selectors and myself, as the Area III Young Rider Coordinator, wish to know those riders who have aspirations of representing Area III next summer at the NAYC. There are many steps to achieve this goal, and we all wish to support you through your journey.

By March 1, 2019, you must declare your intentions to compete at the One Star or Two Star level- but you do not have to be qualified at this time. 

It is helpful for all of us to know who may have this competition on their “Dream” list. So, please help us by letting your intentions be known. Send your name, contact information, horse information, trainer information, show schedule (when you know it) to me so that I can send it out to the other coaches.

Thank you in advance,


Allina Bell

Area III Young Rider Coordinator


Amy Tryon Young Riders' Grant

The Amy Tryon Young Rider's Grant was established in 2015 with contributions from the friends and family of the Olympic Event Rider, Amy Tryon. This fund was created to provide direct financial assistance to aspiring event riders who participate in the USEA Young Riders' Program and who have aspirations of achieving the highest international level of the sport of Eventing. The goal of the grant is to provide riders with limited financial resources the support they require to prepare for, and compete in, international three-day events. The USEA Young Riders' Program member must display a work ethic that exemplifies the traits necessary to achieve the highest level of international competition that was personified by the character of Amy Tryon. The grant may be used for coaching, specialized training, entry fees, living costs for horse and rider, and for travel. The funds for this grant have been made available by contributions made to the USEA Foundation.

The grant is available to riders from the year of their 14th birthday through the year of their 21st birthday. Riders who have represented the United States on a senior international team are ineligible. Eligibility guidelines here. 

Here is the link to apply:  https://useafoundation.org/grant-descriptions/ 

Deadline for application is October 15, 2018.

The Amy Tryon Grant is supposed to flow through the Area Young Rider Coordinator. Each area is allowed to put forth one nominee. The Area Council will select one nominee from the applicants. The selectors will then choose from the Areas’ nominees to determine the Grant recipient.

The Area III Young Rider Program has wonderful riders and parents, and we all wish to continue the growth of this program. Please let me know of any thoughts or ideas you may have for the coming year. In the past, the only true Young Rider training event has been the Summer Camp. We are looking into other options for 2019. You are more than welcome to email me with thoughts you have in order to grow the Young Rider program at allina970@gmail.com

Thank you in advance,


Allina Bell
Area III Young Rider Coordinator

Good Luck to the Area III Hagyard Team Challenge Teams

The team challenge will be held in at the Kentucky Horse Park on October 17-21,2018 at the Hagyard Midsouth Three-Day Event & Team Challenge Horse Trials. We have three teams representing Area III!

Preliminary Team Riders: 
Caroline Dannemiller
Tawn Edwards
There is still time for additional riders to join this team!

Training Team Riders:
Sonja Cooper
Tawn Edwards
Hannah Wright
Karli Wright

Novice Team Riders: 
Sonja Cooper
Paige Drury
Soloman Edwards

The entire Area III will be cheering you on!!

NAYC Recap and Looking Ahead to 2019

"Thank you!" from the Area III Young Rider Team that competed in Kalispell, Montana at the North American Youth Championships this summer. Your encouragement and support were really appreciated during this journey. The list of thank you’s is very long, but I want everyone in the Area to truly understand what an undertaking this was.

The riders: Leila Saxe, Ryan Wood, Jessie Schwartz, and Grace Smith arrived at Julie Richard’s farm in Newnan, GA a few days before the horses shipped out to get final lessons before the competition. Dr. Jason McLendon came to Julie’s to give all four horses fluids so they would travel hydrated and arrive ready to go in Montana. Katie Strickland rode with the drivers of Lorraine Horse Transport for 40 hours to ensure the horses were comfortable and fed during their travels. The horses arrived around noon on Saturday, July 14th, and the riders arrived just a short time later. All of the stalls and two tack rooms were set up beautifully, and we wore the Area III Colors proudly.

The schedule for the horses worked out very well for the preparation before the show, and the facilities at Rebecca Farm are simply stunning.

Julie taught all of the riders throughout the week, and kept everyone upbeat and positive! The riders and parents were treated Monday to a lovely outing on beautiful Flathead Lake along with great burgers and wave boarding. Then after riding on Tuesday, Julie took them zip lining at the ski lodge where the riders were staying. The pictures are incredible!

Wednesday was all business with the Parade of Teams in the morning followed by the First Jog. All of the horses looked beautiful from all of the hard work of the grooms: Katie Strickland, Emma Mooney, Sara Bowman, and Wesley Ann Norton. All horses PASSED!

Thursday was a non-compete day. Friday was Dressage, Saturday was Cross Country, and Sunday had the last jog, and then Show Jumping. Area III placed fifth in the One-Star Team Competition!

The horses then stayed until Monday morning when the process started over with the hanging of fluids and the 40 hour trip home.

To say that it takes a village is an understatement. A huge Thank You must go out to the parents of these wonderful riders: Rob and Katrina Wood, Wayne and Darla Saxe, Paul and Julie Schwartz, Huck and Laura Smith.

The next Thank You’s go out to our wonderful sponsors:
Dr. Rachel Burlton, Valley Veterinarian Associates
Dr. Jason McLendon, Southern Crescent Equine Services
Angela Brackett, Enviro Equine Products
Emily Cochran, C 4 Belts
Gary and Donna Stegman
Melanie Rock, Dover Saddlery
Kerrits Breeches
I love My Horse,
Spring Creek Farm
And last but not least:
Julie Richards for being our wonderful Coach
Katie Strickland for being our most organized Head Groom
And Jade Anderson Tucker for being the best support any team could ask for!

I have already started answering calls for information on the summer camp and possibly representing Area III next year at the North American Youth Championships. We want you all! But please understand, NAYC is a very expensive endeavor, and fund raising must start now! You must realize that the money either comes from your fund raising efforts or from you as a Team Member.

I will be posting some fund raising plans shortly, and would welcome your input for fund raising ideas. Also, we are looking for a Fund Raising Chairperson to help organize all of the fund raising events this coming year. If you are interested, please reach out to me either by phone (706-332-5131 or email allina970@gmail.com)

We all had a wonderful time this year and created lasting friendships and memories.

Please know that Area III is committed to being there for all of the members and competitors, and we do appreciate all of the good wishes, thoughts and prayers we received during this journey.

PS: Our First Fund Raising Event: Chattahoochee Hills Event August 31st- September 2nd
Winter blankets, clippers, air vests, t-shirts, saddle pads and other Young Rider donations are being offered for sale this weekend. Please come by the Area III Tent!

Thank you to all!

Allina Bell
Area III Young Rider Coordinator