Area 3 Seeks NAYC Head Groom

Area 3 is seeking a Head Groom (volunteer or paid position) for the North American Youth Championships who will be responsible for all aspects of the management of horses and the care of the Area 3 stables for the North American Youth Championships, in Kalispell, Montana.

Duties that the Head Groom may perform or oversee the performance of include:

  • Providing hay, feed, rations or supplements, and water.  

  • Cleaning buckets and tubs used in the feeding process.

  • Grooming, saddling, unsaddling, and bathing horses.

  • Cleaning all horse equipment.

  • Hand walking horses.

  • Lunging horses. 

  • Maintaining the barn area - sweeping, washing, and general cleaning.

  • Following instructions and directions from the NAYC Coach, Area 3 Chef d’Equipe, farrier, veterinarian, or other equine care providers. 

  • Loading/unloading hay and grain bags.

  • Packing equipment for horse shows.

  • Unpacking equipment at the show grounds, preparing the stall, and acclimating the horse(s) to the new surroundings.

  • Loading and unloading horses from trailers.

  • Braiding the mane and/or tail for horse shows (or teaching braiding skills).

  • Monitor and maintain the level of feed, hay, and bedding in stock.

  • Handling horses for the veterinarian, farrier, or trainer.

The Head Groom will be responsible for up to 4 grooms including providing transportation, directing grooming efforts, assigning duties, and teaching horse management skills.

The Head Groom must be able to work calmly and efficiently during the stress of international competition, as well as communicate clearly and calmly with parents and teen competitors who are often tense and nervous during competition.

The Head Groom must reside within Area 3. The Head Groom must possess a valid driver’s license and be 25 or older in order to rent a vehicle.

At this time, Area 3 plans to ship 9 horses to NAYC.

Travel, rental car, lodging, and meal expenses will be provided or reimbursed in accordance with the USEA’s policies in effect at time of service.

Tentative Schedule:

  • Tuesday, July 16 – Arrive at final training camp (Newnan, GA)

  • Wednesday and Thursday, July 17-18 – Inventory/pack team equipment and supplies. Get acquainted with grooms, riders and parents.

  • Thursday, July 18 – Assist with preparation of horses for shipment; horses leave for Montana early evening.

  • Friday, July 19 – Head Groom and grooms fly to Montana, rent vehicle.

  • Saturday, July 20th – Set up stalls for mid-day horse arrival. Observe, hand walk horses.

  • Sunday, July 21st – Coach, riders and families arrive. Horses exercised.

  • Monday, July 22d – Rider lessons and hack.

  • Tuesday, July 23d – First jog.

  • Wednesday – Sunday, July 24th-July 28th – Competition.

  • Monday – July 29th – Prepare horses for shipment; horses leave early afternoon.

  • Late Monday or Early Tuesday – July 29- or July 30th – Return to Newnan, GA.

  • Wednesday, July 31st – Horses arrive in AM. Assist with unloading and departure.

To Apply:

Please send a summary description of your experience to Cyndi Kurth, .

Using the tentative schedule above, include your daily rate (if any) for the following 2 options:

Option 1:

Daily rate (if any) for:

July 16-18, Newnan, GA

July 19-July 29 – NAYC

July 31 – Newnan, GA

Option 2:

Daily rate as in Option 1, plus

July 18 – July 20 – Travel in semi with horses from Newnan GA to Kalispell, MT

July 29 – July 31 – Travel in semi with horses from Kalispell, MT to Newnan, GA

Travel, rental car, lodging and meal expenses will be provided or reimbursed in accordance with USEA’s policies in effect at the time of service.

Your application must be received no later than July 6th. Questions may be directed to Cyndi Kurth, .