Young Rider Program Notes and Reminders

From the Desk of the Area III Young Rider Coordinator
A few items that are noteworthy:

1. Area III Young Rider Camp:
Area III Young Riders Rock! The Summer Camp entry forms are coming in with the most amazing riders and horses! The clinicians are going to be very lucky to work with this group of riders. To confirm, the dates of the Camp are Sunday, June 17th through Thursday, June 21st. Chattahoochee Hills will be hosting a Dressage Show over the weekend of June 23-24, and the Young Rider horses will need to be heading home before the dressage horses come in on Friday. Please let all of your friends know that The Area III Young Rider Camp will be the place to be June 17th-June 21st! Please send them to me so that we can reserve your spot. Clinicians: Julie Richards, Leslie Law, Hilda Donahue, and Tiffany Loudoun-Meetze.

2. Fundraising for NAYRC
I have spoken to Mikki Johansen to see what she has done in the past. To be head of Fundraising for the Area III Young Riders for four years is extraordinary, and she is more than happy to show us what she has found works and does not work. Once I have those ideas, I will pass them on to you. I will also see where the Silent Auction items are, and where we are with that. Anyone who wishes to help with the fundraising going forward, please give me a call.

3. GDCTA Members please reach out to Rebecca Bowman: 859-489- 8141
Those Area III Young Riders who are members of GDCTA (Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association) and are chosen to represent Area III at NAYRC, will be the recipients of a $500 Grant from GDCTA! If you are not a member of GDCTA, please give Rebecca a call to become a member. This Grant is absolutely wonderful, and we should support GDCTA for this generous offer.

4. If your friends wish to attend the Young Rider camp, and have not joined the Area III
Young Riders, please share this link with them:

5. The Area III Young Rider Coach, Julie Richards, has asked the Area III Young Riders
who have declared and completed their NAYRC applications
to please send her their
Spring Schedule. Thank you so much to those who already have had a chance to do this. If you have not done so yet, you may email these to me or directly to Julie.

Allina Bell
Area III Young Rider Coordinator