From the Desk of the Area III Young Rider Coordinator

From the Desk of the Area III Young Rider Coordinator

March 20, 2018

The Area III Council and all members of Area III would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Catherine Clayton, Pine Mountain, Ga., for being the Area III Young Rider Coordinator for many years. Catherine has worked tirelessly in making the Young Rider Coordinator position into what it is today. Area III Young Riders owe you a debt of gratitude for all you have done. Thank you!

Area III would also like to thank Judy Lewis for her expertise and professionalism in keeping the Young Rider and Area III financial records in perfect order. This is an extremely important aspect of the Area’s programs, and her efforts have been extraordinary. Judy has now resigned her position. Thank you, Judy, for all you have done and accomplished over the years. We appreciate all you have done for Area III.

For many years Kyle Carter, Ocala, Florida, has been the Young Riders Coach. Kyle established an impressive record for Area III at NAJYRC, as well as maintaining a Safe Sport atmosphere for the Young Riders associated with this program. According to Kyle, he was on a year-to-year contract with Area III for this position, and he encouraged many other professionals to send in their applications for this position. 

The Area III Council was fortunate to receive multiple applications for the 2018 Coaching position from internationally known riders and coaches. The applications included their personal statement to their view on the Young Rider Coach’s position. After many hours of discussion and contemplation, the Area III Council would like to announce that the 2018 Young Rider Coach will be Julie Richards from Newnan, Georgia.

Julie is a two-time Olympian who also represented Area III in the Young Rider Program in 1988. Julie brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Area III program and is excited for this new endeavor in her life. 

There will be many positions to be filled going forward for the Young Rider Program. Anyone who wishes to be included in helping the Area III Young Riders meet the goals for 2018, please contact Allina Bell at Official information will be posted on the Area III website, so please do not expect official business to be posted on Facebook or Social Media. 

As in past years, the NAJYRC Selector Team includes Mr. Leslie Law, Hilda Donahue, and Tiffany Loudon-Meetze. These three selectors, along with the coach, Julie Richards, will be the Young Rider Camp instructors. The Area Council will be looking at adding additional instructors as the camp numbers warrant. 

The Area III Young Rider Camp will be held at Chattahoochee Hills, June 17-21, and those entry forms should be sent to Allina Bell. The Area III NAJYRC Young Rider Tentative Team will be announced after the 2018 Young Rider Camp. The final announcement of the Team members and alternates will come closer to the NAJYRC competition. 

The Current list of Riders wishing to represent Area III at the 2018 NAJYRC are:

1-Star Team

Mikensey Johansen  Exterminator

Aki Joy Maruyama J’Espere

Leila Saxe Mr. Bojangles

Jesse Schwartz WHF Kitaro

Grace Smith Sir Saulsford Nazar

Ryan Wood Galway Blazer

Maddie McElduff Loughnatusa Caislean

Savannah Blackstock Garryidruig Albie

Rylee Gailey Dukes Up

Ivie Cullen-Dean Declared Application not completed

Claire Howard Declared Application not completed

2-Star Team

Mikensey Johansen  Grey Prince



Allina Bell

Area III Young Rider Coordinator