A Note to the Area 3 Young Riders and Their Supporters

Hello Area 3 Young Riders and Area 3 YR Support People,

This is Jeanie Clarke. I have volunteered to help out as part of the "Interim YR Coordinator" team. I'm an event professional, a member of the Area 3 Council, and the former coordinator of YR camp in Area 1 (before I moved to Ocala). I've also coached my own students to the NAJYRC at both the one and two star level in years past.

Thank you all for caring so much about the Area 3 YR program.

The Area 3 Council also values the program tremendously. We want to see it grow and for it to offer educational, fun and meaningful experiences for young riders. The changes that we have initiated are intended to do that. Change is not always fun and is never easy, but it is our hope that this move will be a good one.

I volunteered for this job - along with Allina and Katie Strickland who are event professionals, coaches, and very experienced organizers in Georgia - so that we could continue to offer this year's programs: a super camp at Chatt Hills and competitive teams to Montana with a great, experienced coach and professional support staff around them. We will also continue to offer course walks, daily camps, and discounted clinics around the area.

We are not "scrapping" anything - just carrying on with a new team. None of the program's goals have changed, the schedule has not changed, and the hope is to grow the program and include even more kids this year and in the future.

The Chatt Hills camp and the team coach position are open for new applicants, just as they have been for a month already this winter, and just as they were at this time last year. As always we need more good coaches for the camp, and like last year the area is now accepting additional applications for the coaching position. I am in the processing of re-publicizing the job listings, along with a description of the process by which the hiring decisions will be made.

I understand that the council and I are potential targets for criticism from the members of the program who were happy with their experience, but I am also just a volunteer who wants to make a contribution to the sport and to the area. For that reason I serve on the Area 3 Council and am now helping with Young Riders.

Neither I nor the Stricklands have any kids or students currently in the NAJYRC pipeline, so there is no conflict of interest there. We just want to help.

I would love to get to know more YR parents and members going forward, and I would love to hear from you what works, what doesn't work, and how we can work together to make this summer a success for the kids.

Thanks, Jeanie Clarke