Clarification Regarding the USEF Safe Sport Policy and Kyle Carter

Kyle Carter is not under investigation for, nor suspected of, any USEF Safe Sport Policy violations. There has been repeated mention of the policy in connection with the current reorganization of the Area III Young Rider program. The mention was intended to serve as a reminder to the passionate and vocal critics of the changes that are happening. It was not, nor has it ever been, a reference to Kyle Carter's performance or tenure as the Area III Young Rider Coach.

We apologize to Kyle for the lack of clarity in our previous statements.   

While we do respect the First Amendment Right of Free Speech, personal attacks and slander are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Area III's policy regarding Facebook is: Comments on the Area 3 / Area 3 YR posts will be hidden due to 1) name calling 2) profanity 3) excessive rudeness or disrespect towards an individual and 4) threats. 

Again, our apologies to Kyle Carter.

Debra Dealcuaz
USEA VP of Area Affairs

Rob Burk

Carol Kozlowski
USEA President

Cyndi Kurth
Area III Chair