USEA VP of Area Affairs Responds to Young Rider Program Concerns

As the USEA Vice President of Area Affairs, I have been a guest on the Area III conference calls regarding the Young Rider program. I was there in case there were questions about the USEA policies and procedures. The council has acted in compliance with all of the USEA rules.

The Area Council is a dedicated group of volunteers that spends countless hours in service to the residents of, and visitors to, Area III. They re-opened the application period for potential YR coaches to submit their applications after their conference call on February 28th. The decision about who will be the Area III Young Rider Coach for 2018 will be made on Monday, March 19. That person will have a contract that will expire after the Championship competition this summer. It is not unusual for a YR Coach to have a 1-year contract.

The USEA adheres to a strict conflict of interest policy. Members with a conflict are required to abstain from voting on any motion. So that council meetings can have open and honest discussions, the actual dialog is not published in the minutes nor is it to be shared outside of the council meeting.

The USEA also follows all USEF Safe Sport Policies. These policies apply to sexual AND non-sexual misconduct and all of our members are subject to them. Bullying, whether in person, by text message, email or via social media is a violation and is a reportable offense.

Eventers are passionate about our sport. Sometimes that passion becomes a fury. I regret that there are members that are unhappy with the current status of the YR program in Area III. I assure you that the council is continuing their exhaustive efforts to have a fantastic Young Rider camp and Championship experience this year and for many years to come. 

Debra Dealcuaz
USEA VP of Area Affairs