Area III Young Riders Seeks NAJC/CICOY Coach

USEA Area III Young Riders is currently accepting resumes/bids for the 2018-2020 Competition Year for North American Junior Championship(NAJC) and CICOY Nations Cup Coach.

Description and terms of NAJC/CICOY Coach
North American Junior Championship(NAJC) and CICOY Nations Cup will be held at Rebecca Farm July 18-22, 2018. USEA Area Young Riders Coaches must be ICP Certified Level II for the 1* and ICP level III for the 2**. Qualifications for the position include: substantial coaching experience, excellent interpersonal skills (must be able to communicate with parents and young riders alike during some trying times) and have ridden at the CCI*** level. Not every candidate may meet all of these conditions, and the credentials of each candidate will be weighed.

Expectations of the coach: Teaching a training clinic prior to the event for approximately 5 days. Coaching at the event for approximately 7 days.

This position is for a three-year term subject to annual reviews by the initial hiring committee and approval from the Area III Council.

Resumes for all positions should include the following information:

  • Position(s) you are applying for

  • Your personal highest level of competition (domestic and international) (dates or years

    competed) and horses you competed on. Include placing information as well.

  • Competitions competed in the past 2 years.

  • List Riders and their current rankings you have personally developed in past 5 years.

  • List Horses and their current rankings (if applicable) you have personally developed in the past 5


  • Current day fee or clinic

  • Permanent Location (for purposes of travel expenses) Year-round? Or Winter location?

  • Area of USEA you represent.

  • ICP certification level (Must be ICP Certified Level II for the 1* and Level III for the 2* to coach at

    this event)

    Hiring Committee

Judy Lewis / Past Young Rider Coordinator and Current Area 3 Treasurer

Bonnie Parrish / Young Rider Parent

Sharon Gardner Nel / Adult Rider

Final selection of this position, will be determined by approval from the Area III Council based on the recommendation from the hiring committee.

Thanks in advance for your interest! Please email your interest and resume to: Judy Lewis via email to no later than Feb 19, 2018. No resumes will be accepted after 12:00PM EDT, Feb 19, 2018. If you have any questions please contact Judy @ 251-402-9899