Area III Young Rider Update: Clinic Calendar and 2019 NAYC

I wish to catch every one up on the latest news for the Young Riders of Area III.


I want to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to all that love and support the Area III Young Riders. Many of you do not want your thoughts or actions acknowledged, but please know that they are appreciated. 


The last few weeks have been great in meeting new Area III Young Riders. Everyone wants to know when our next event will be scheduled. So many of you want to know of clinics where you can continue your learning process. My thought is to use the Area III website to send out new information. 

There is a clinic tab on the area’s website: under the calendar tab.  I would like all Area III clinics to be listed on this tab. The clinician’s name, contact information, price, location, etc. This is always helpful to the one hosting the clinic by bringing in additional riders and auditors. You can send this information to Leslie Threlkeld Bryant and she will update the website with your clinic information. Leslie’s email address is:

You can also send it to me, and I will send it out in an email blast to the Young Rider list that I receive from the USEA office. 


For those riders who are interested in trying out for the Area III North American Youth Championship Team, the 2019 competition will be held in Kalispell, Montana once again. This is a very expensive undertaking, and everyone in the Young Rider Program must start fund raising for the Area to be able to send those who are qualified and make it through the selection process to represent Area III. 

The coach for the 2019 Area III Team will be Julie Richards. Julie’s farm is in Newnan, Georgia. There are several additional selectors which include Leslie Law, Hilda Donahue and Tiffany Loudon Meetze. These selectors and myself, as the Area III Young Rider Coordinator, wish to know those riders who have aspirations of representing Area III next summer at the NAYC. There are many steps to achieve this goal, and we all wish to support you through your journey.

By March 1, 2019, you must declare your intentions to compete at the One Star or Two Star level- but you do not have to be qualified at this time. 

It is helpful for all of us to know who may have this competition on their “Dream” list. So, please help us by letting your intentions be known. Send your name, contact information, horse information, trainer information, show schedule (when you know it) to me so that I can send it out to the other coaches.

Thank you in advance,


Allina Bell

Area III Young Rider Coordinator