Young Rider Fundraising

From the Desk of the Young Rider Coordinator:

First and Foremost, camp is going well and entries are coming in daily! Please let your friends know that all campers are welcome--including Adult Riders--and the deadline for forms will be May 1, 2018.

I have thought of many ways to fundraise for the Young Riders of Area III. Realizing that we not only have the NAJYRC in Montana in July, we are also wanting to send teams to the Team Challenge in Lexington, Kentucky in October. This is quite ambitious, so the fund raising efforts must be without boundaries. WE, as an Area, are going to help our Young Riders make these competitions.

The Young Rider Silent Auction:
On January 28th, the Area III Young Riders were asked to gather a minimum of three items for the NAJYRC Silent Auction. We are going to get the Silent Auction up and running within the week, so please send me the list of items that you have gathered! You do not have to be listed on the NAJYRC list to do this-remember, we want to have several teams going to Lexington in October!

Needed for the Auction website will be the name of the item, the description, the value, and a picture, if possible. I will also need the names and addresses of the donors so that I can not only send them a thank you note from the Area III Young Riders, but they can also use this letter to show that a donation has been made to a non-profit organization. This also means that if someone wishes to make a direct tax-deductible contribution to the Area III Young Riders, it will certainly be appreciated as well.

Fundraising Is a Year Long Project:
The next item to think about is that fundraising is best spread out over the year. Area III covers multiple States, and Area III needs to be represented both at the National and International Level. All of the Young Riders should be motivated to help with a broad range of fund raising functions. Ask your boarding facilities/trainers/parents/friends as to what would be fun to do in your town. All Olympians have started in the beginner ranks and progressed from there. So, let’s hear some new and exciting ideas! Here are some thoughts to get started for the Silent Auction.

Go to the Organizers of Recognized and Schooling Shows that are considered your home town event and ask them to donate an entry into their next show.

Local Hotels and Restaurants
1. Ask the Hotel for the one or two nights riders are in town for a show during the next year
2. Restaurant gift cards are wonderful for auctions

Your Favorite Coach: It does not have to be the Young Rider Coach/or the Selectors. Your local Coach is wonderful and perfect to ask to participate!
1. A Buddy Lesson package: Whoever has the highest bid on a Coach’s lesson package may also
take a friend. That additional rider will pay half price of what is the normal cost with this Coach.
It is always fun to take a Friend!
2. Donate a Course Walk
3. Donate Coaching for a show-it can be a schooling show as well.

Your feed store/tack store
1. Ask for items to raffle during the Silent Auction
2. Put a sign at their store asking to support the Area III Young Riders-we do accept straight

Local foundations: They may have grants available or would like to make a donation to the Area
III Young Riders.

This is your organization, so let me hear back from all of you as to your ideas!

Thank you for all of your continued support of Area III!

Allina Bell

Area III Adult Rider Camp With Kim Severson

Don't miss an opportunity to ride with the one and only Kim Severson! Though she needs little introduction, Kim is one of the top event riders in the world. In addition to her accomplishments on the horse, Kim has coached some of America's top riders as well helped adult amateurs find success across the levels. As a seasoned Olympian, Kim brings a unique and understanding approach to educating horses and riders of all levels. 

Join Kim and the Area III Adult Riders for a 5-day camp at The Vista in Aiken, SC May 28-June 2, 2018. Entries are limited to 20 current Area III Adult Rider members, so enter early! Clinic fee includes lessons, meals and Area III AR swag! Stabling is available at an adjacent facility a short hack away. For more information and to register, click the link below. Questions? Email Area III Adult Rider Coordinator, Kim Keeton,

Kim Severson Adult Rider Camp Registration

Young Rider Program Notes and Reminders

From the Desk of the Area III Young Rider Coordinator
A few items that are noteworthy:

1. Area III Young Rider Camp:
Area III Young Riders Rock! The Summer Camp entry forms are coming in with the most amazing riders and horses! The clinicians are going to be very lucky to work with this group of riders. To confirm, the dates of the Camp are Sunday, June 17th through Thursday, June 21st. Chattahoochee Hills will be hosting a Dressage Show over the weekend of June 23-24, and the Young Rider horses will need to be heading home before the dressage horses come in on Friday. Please let all of your friends know that The Area III Young Rider Camp will be the place to be June 17th-June 21st! Please send them to me so that we can reserve your spot. Clinicians: Julie Richards, Leslie Law, Hilda Donahue, and Tiffany Loudoun-Meetze.

2. Fundraising for NAYRC
I have spoken to Mikki Johansen to see what she has done in the past. To be head of Fundraising for the Area III Young Riders for four years is extraordinary, and she is more than happy to show us what she has found works and does not work. Once I have those ideas, I will pass them on to you. I will also see where the Silent Auction items are, and where we are with that. Anyone who wishes to help with the fundraising going forward, please give me a call.

3. GDCTA Members please reach out to Rebecca Bowman: 859-489- 8141
Those Area III Young Riders who are members of GDCTA (Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association) and are chosen to represent Area III at NAYRC, will be the recipients of a $500 Grant from GDCTA! If you are not a member of GDCTA, please give Rebecca a call to become a member. This Grant is absolutely wonderful, and we should support GDCTA for this generous offer.

4. If your friends wish to attend the Young Rider camp, and have not joined the Area III
Young Riders, please share this link with them:

5. The Area III Young Rider Coach, Julie Richards, has asked the Area III Young Riders
who have declared and completed their NAYRC applications
to please send her their
Spring Schedule. Thank you so much to those who already have had a chance to do this. If you have not done so yet, you may email these to me or directly to Julie.

Allina Bell
Area III Young Rider Coordinator

From the Desk of the Area III Young Rider Coordinator

From the Desk of the Area III Young Rider Coordinator

March 20, 2018

The Area III Council and all members of Area III would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Catherine Clayton, Pine Mountain, Ga., for being the Area III Young Rider Coordinator for many years. Catherine has worked tirelessly in making the Young Rider Coordinator position into what it is today. Area III Young Riders owe you a debt of gratitude for all you have done. Thank you!

Area III would also like to thank Judy Lewis for her expertise and professionalism in keeping the Young Rider and Area III financial records in perfect order. This is an extremely important aspect of the Area’s programs, and her efforts have been extraordinary. Judy has now resigned her position. Thank you, Judy, for all you have done and accomplished over the years. We appreciate all you have done for Area III.

For many years Kyle Carter, Ocala, Florida, has been the Young Riders Coach. Kyle established an impressive record for Area III at NAJYRC, as well as maintaining a Safe Sport atmosphere for the Young Riders associated with this program. According to Kyle, he was on a year-to-year contract with Area III for this position, and he encouraged many other professionals to send in their applications for this position. 

The Area III Council was fortunate to receive multiple applications for the 2018 Coaching position from internationally known riders and coaches. The applications included their personal statement to their view on the Young Rider Coach’s position. After many hours of discussion and contemplation, the Area III Council would like to announce that the 2018 Young Rider Coach will be Julie Richards from Newnan, Georgia.

Julie is a two-time Olympian who also represented Area III in the Young Rider Program in 1988. Julie brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Area III program and is excited for this new endeavor in her life. 

There will be many positions to be filled going forward for the Young Rider Program. Anyone who wishes to be included in helping the Area III Young Riders meet the goals for 2018, please contact Allina Bell at Official information will be posted on the Area III website, so please do not expect official business to be posted on Facebook or Social Media. 

As in past years, the NAJYRC Selector Team includes Mr. Leslie Law, Hilda Donahue, and Tiffany Loudon-Meetze. These three selectors, along with the coach, Julie Richards, will be the Young Rider Camp instructors. The Area Council will be looking at adding additional instructors as the camp numbers warrant. 

The Area III Young Rider Camp will be held at Chattahoochee Hills, June 17-21, and those entry forms should be sent to Allina Bell. The Area III NAJYRC Young Rider Tentative Team will be announced after the 2018 Young Rider Camp. The final announcement of the Team members and alternates will come closer to the NAJYRC competition. 

The Current list of Riders wishing to represent Area III at the 2018 NAJYRC are:

1-Star Team

Mikensey Johansen  Exterminator

Aki Joy Maruyama J’Espere

Leila Saxe Mr. Bojangles

Jesse Schwartz WHF Kitaro

Grace Smith Sir Saulsford Nazar

Ryan Wood Galway Blazer

Maddie McElduff Loughnatusa Caislean

Savannah Blackstock Garryidruig Albie

Rylee Gailey Dukes Up

Ivie Cullen-Dean Declared Application not completed

Claire Howard Declared Application not completed

2-Star Team

Mikensey Johansen  Grey Prince



Allina Bell

Area III Young Rider Coordinator

Clarification Regarding the USEF Safe Sport Policy and Kyle Carter

Kyle Carter is not under investigation for, nor suspected of, any USEF Safe Sport Policy violations. There has been repeated mention of the policy in connection with the current reorganization of the Area III Young Rider program. The mention was intended to serve as a reminder to the passionate and vocal critics of the changes that are happening. It was not, nor has it ever been, a reference to Kyle Carter's performance or tenure as the Area III Young Rider Coach.

We apologize to Kyle for the lack of clarity in our previous statements.   

While we do respect the First Amendment Right of Free Speech, personal attacks and slander are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Area III's policy regarding Facebook is: Comments on the Area 3 / Area 3 YR posts will be hidden due to 1) name calling 2) profanity 3) excessive rudeness or disrespect towards an individual and 4) threats. 

Again, our apologies to Kyle Carter.

Debra Dealcuaz
USEA VP of Area Affairs

Rob Burk

Carol Kozlowski
USEA President

Cyndi Kurth
Area III Chair

USEA VP of Area Affairs Responds to Young Rider Program Concerns

As the USEA Vice President of Area Affairs, I have been a guest on the Area III conference calls regarding the Young Rider program. I was there in case there were questions about the USEA policies and procedures. The council has acted in compliance with all of the USEA rules.

The Area Council is a dedicated group of volunteers that spends countless hours in service to the residents of, and visitors to, Area III. They re-opened the application period for potential YR coaches to submit their applications after their conference call on February 28th. The decision about who will be the Area III Young Rider Coach for 2018 will be made on Monday, March 19. That person will have a contract that will expire after the Championship competition this summer. It is not unusual for a YR Coach to have a 1-year contract.

The USEA adheres to a strict conflict of interest policy. Members with a conflict are required to abstain from voting on any motion. So that council meetings can have open and honest discussions, the actual dialog is not published in the minutes nor is it to be shared outside of the council meeting.

The USEA also follows all USEF Safe Sport Policies. These policies apply to sexual AND non-sexual misconduct and all of our members are subject to them. Bullying, whether in person, by text message, email or via social media is a violation and is a reportable offense.

Eventers are passionate about our sport. Sometimes that passion becomes a fury. I regret that there are members that are unhappy with the current status of the YR program in Area III. I assure you that the council is continuing their exhaustive efforts to have a fantastic Young Rider camp and Championship experience this year and for many years to come. 

Debra Dealcuaz
USEA VP of Area Affairs

Applications Open for Area III NAJYRC Team Coach, Additional Young Rider Summer Camp Trainers

Area III is still accepting applications for additional Area III Young Rider Summer Camp Trainers and Area III NAJYRC Team Coach. Please find job descriptions, qualifications and application instructions via the document links below.

Area III Young Rider Summer Camp Trainer

Area III NAJYRC Team Coach

Applications are due March 18, 2018. Applications will be reviewed by the Area III Council and selected by majority vote. Hiring decisions will be announced March 20, 2018.

Please send applications and direct questions regarding these positions to Jeanie Clarke, or 508-314-5165.

Allina Bell Appointed Area III Young Rider Coordinator

Allina Bell, of Waverly Hall, GA has been appointed Area III Young Rider Coordinator. Allina is an important member of the eventing community in Area III and the USA, and she brings a wealth of experience to the position.

Allina coordinated the original Area III Young Riders Program in 1981 along with Jim Graham. Allina, Jim, Dr. Laura DuVall Molony and Bryan Tweed took the first Area III Young Rider Team to Flying Horse Stables in 1983. Over the years Allina has supported and guided many young competitors on their journey to the Young Riders Championships and the development of their eventing careers. Today she is an eventing judge, event organizer and runs a beautiful eventing facility of her own in Area III. Allina is a role model and mentor to many young riders and we are thrilled that she is enthusiastically rejoining the Young Rider Program.

Part of Allina's duties as coordinator will be to organize the Area III Young Rider Camp at Chattahoochee Hills in Fairburn, GA on June 17-21, 2018. Camp information and registration forms may be found on the Young Rider webpage. NAJYRC selectors Leslie Law, Tiffani Loudoun-Meetze, and Hilda Donahue are three of the camp instructors. Additional camp instructors will be announced by March 20, 2018. Camp registration forms and deposit are due to Allina on April 1, 2018.

Allina will also facilitate a successful trip to Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, Montana for the North American Junior and Young Riders Championships July 18-22, 2018. NAJYRC qualifications, fees, and selection procedures are available on the Young Rider webpage. The NAJYRC Coach will be announced by March 20, 2018.

"I am 150% behind Young Riders and I will do whatever they need to help them achieve their goals," Allina said. She welcomes questions from riders and parents and asks them to please call her at (706) 332-5131.